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       Click here for more information on how the LEAD contest challenges all students from grades 3-12 to create an artistic interpretation expressing how he or she has been inspired by a local black leader.
Faculty & Staff
       Welcome to Ballast Point Elementary...Home of the Bulldogs...Thank you for Visiting!

                                                                                2014 - 2015


Debra Fitzpatrick, Principal   

Beth Hastings, Assistant Principal   



Mari Supple           
email   website 

Stephanie Farabell      

Lauren Smith

Kimberly Daley

Rachael Churchill

Grade 1

Jenviev Pedone

Marjory Miller      

Michela Guarinello     

Kelley Fraley        

Grade 2 

Elba Matthies                     

Diana Jones

Ashley Fellows      

Cecilia Lovett      

Jessica Behrenfeld     

Grade 3

Deborah Scott       

Kristen Roads

Cherie Adkins

Nicole Reynolds

Grade 4

Molly McLoughlin         

Erica Owens      

Jennifer Copple      

Andrea Alou

Grade 5

Gayle DeVito

Jonathan Jones

Telia Suarez

Academically Gifted  Program (AGP)

Shannon Hayes       

Lisa Graybill    


ESE Specialist
Terry Seckar-Rondeau         

Cynthia Kennedy

Cherrie Ramsey

Oksana Homza

Lymari Cintron

Whitney Collins

Varying Exceptionalities  (VE)

Heather Gallington

Nancy Wright

Karen Gourley, ESE
Tamara Gourley, ESE
Michelle Johnson, ESE
Donna Lemanski, ESE
Mary Wilson, ESE
Misleidy Mendez, ESE
Rosemary Jones, ESES
Tatiana Rojas, Kindergarten

Speech Language Therapists

Renee Ingram

Meaghan McKenna

Reading Coach

Nicole Best

Media Specialist

Gina Ferlita


Special Area

Royce Brown – Physical Education

Amy Hirst – Art

Sandy Meistrell - Art

Brent Uppercue -  Music 

Student Services

Rosemary Smith - Guidance Counselor

Brenda Leever - Psychologist

Loletha Jah - Social Worker

Bilingual Para

Student Health Services

Jackie Walker - Health Assistant

Clerical Staff (Office)

Martha Altman - DP Processor

Kimberly Browning - Secretary I

Marcela Bugarin - Secretary IV

Cafeteria Staff
Sorasak Daorai - SNS Manager
Mitchell Smithey
Nancy MacDonald
Tao Quynh
Magella Kirby
Alfonso Mendoza
Cathy Moseley
Lolita Marshall

Custodial Staff

James Scibilia - Head Custodian

Marta Pena

Emilio Orta

Victoria Gonzalez


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